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I use Superior Drummer (2), EzDrummer (standard and Claustrophobic kits but I have not used the Claustrophobic one yet!) and RDK2.
The reason I have SD2 and EZD is that I got frustrated with RDK2 (sounds like an episode of Star Wars).

I believe James Bernard created a method of loading a RDK2 into Record that split the outputs to various channels, but as a standalone item RDK2 is a combinator with a 14:2 mixer with the usual suspects routed to their own channels. There's a bunch of eqs and a compressor in the standard set ups but the "Producer kits" add some more devices. I've had my fun with RDK2 but in the end if you aren't some dick who thinks that everything can be/has to be/is done inside of R+R then there is better stuff out there.

By the way, the midi with RDK2 is limited (to say the least) but the stuff with SD2 and EZD is much better. And there are packs of additional midi. And there's a converter with SD2 that changes the patterns to suit other fake drum programs. Unfortunately I can't figure it out!

By the way (part 2), Pete Watson has a bunch of drum stuff but he seems to use a modified version of RDK2's "Rock Ballad" for most of his tracks, and they sound pretty good.
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