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Originally Posted by ddstuart View Post
In the few tracks where I have lots of percs, I've layered my drums. If you listen to

You'll hear a lot of percs done in Dr. Octo Rex. I own the Props Drums and they're okay as well. They're all good, and with a little compression, some verb for some of them, etc., you can really bring out the quality of the sounds.
I;ll be sure to check out your link. Right now, Soundcloud seems to be down.

Originally Posted by ddstuart View Post
The sampling is superior to anything else I've heard - including Addictive Drums (which I own), and a whole lot of other stuff.

There is a real downside, though, to EZD - and that's the manner in which it loads itself into the DAW. On my rig, it loads about 509 MB of sample data, it fails to retain my presets, and getting it setup and started can be a bit time consuming and frustrating. But the quality of the sound is outstanding - so I suffer through these weaknesses.
I've tried EZ lite so far. There is just the one kit in it. It looks like there are more options, but greyed out. These would be available in EZ Drummer?
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