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Balance or Duet 2?

I'm setting up my Mac based home studio in the next couple of months and I'm deciding between - Balance and Duet 2. I'm leaning towards Balance because I like the fact it's class compliant and doesn't need drivers. I don't want to deal with "drivers hell", but the Duet 2 from Apogee is proven and they know Macs. I've never owned any Propellerhead products, but I've been doing a lot of research and I like what I'm seeing. I'm coming from portable multitrack recorders, I'm currently using a Zoom R24 and will continue using it as my sketch pad. I mainly record rock music. I'm basically starting from scratch, what do you guys think? Balance + Reason 6? Or Should I be looking at a Duet 2 + Logic Pro since I mainly record Rock music? I want to focus on one DAW and learn it. I hear Logic Pro X is around the corner.

Thanks in advance!