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Consider locking devices into the rack, or changing click-drag behaviour

The Reason interface was created around modeling physical devices - and they used to feel like they had some real presence. In Reason 4 and earlier, you had to click-drag a specific part of a device to move it around in the rack. But in Reason 5 & Record 1.5, it appears you can drag a device by click-dragging it anywhere there isn't a knob/slider/button. This can happen if you mis-click and miss when trying to adjust a slider or knob.

I can only offer me own experience. Sadly my experience is not good. Time after time I'll mis-click and drag a device into who-knows-where. A quick 'undo' fixes it, but I thought I'd get used to it yet I haven't. It's especially bad on high-resolution but small screens like laptops, or with imprecise input methods like the MBP touch pad or some wireless mice.

Please consider improving the User Experience by providing an option to revert to the previous behaviour where a device could only be moved by dragging a special region on the side of the device - or some sort of 'lock' that prevents a device from moving around inadvertently, much like a real rack device is often bolted into place.

I know someone is bound to jump in and tell me to just "deal with it", and I will, but frankly if you don't ask the question you will never get an answer