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Strange memory issue with large files


I got stuck with a strange memory issue with Reason 5 that's beyond my understanding :-(

This summer i did a lot of field recordings to use in my ambient works. Usually, each recorded file is a large (80-100 Mb) 10 minute in lenght stereo 44100/24 bit .wav file.

I can easily load up to 3 files like those in NN-XT samplers (3 x 100 Mb each) and Reason can handle it without problems. But then my problem starts...

In case that i don't like how my field recordings suit my track, i remove all these large files ("Remove Samples" in NN-XT) and save my Reason .rns project file. ATTENTION PLEASE: no one of these large files are self-contained now or in "Unassigned samples" section. I have .rns file with 40-60Mb of self-contained samples (strings, drum samples or something like this). Not so large i think...

So, next time i open this .rns file and trying to load in NN-XT another large field recordings sample i get warning window with message "Out of memory. The operation could not be completed because not enough memory is avaliable". What is this? Ok, i do system reboot but again the same!

What's wrong? I don't know... first time i'm able to load 3 large samples at once, but then, when i remove them, next time i can't load any of large samples in NN-XT (all this happens in the same .rns file)... why?

It seems that even i removed them from NN-XT samplers, even if they're not present in self-contained samples or under "Unassigned samples" they are still in memory :-(

Just want to say that i don't have any viruses (did a lot of virus scans) and i have at least 150Gb of free space on all of my HDDs, i have 4 Gb of RAM and diagnostic program shows me that at least 2Gb (or even more) of RAM is free when Reason running. Also, i think that i have a lot of virtual memory (total of approx. 9Gb page files). I'm using Windows XP (SP3).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help me please to get an answer...