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Smile What's the 'name your own price' upgrade worth?

Just wanted to say that whilst I am already a huge fan of Propellerhead, especially Reason and Record, I am thrilled Propellerhead have made this offer - and I think it is right to do so .... why? ... because frankly, in committing so much effort into developing Record, I think the expected Reason upgrade was neglected. Thus, when the Reason 4 to Reason 5 upgrade eventually came it was, to my mind, disappointing and much less than previous equivalent Reason upgrades. And most of us have a DAW anyway.

As a Reason/Record duo user, Reason 6 will give me some new effects but especially a much needed and upgraded / enhanced soundbank, which should actually have come in Reason 5, but didn't. I think Propellerhead have recognised that, (eg when you consider NI Complete 6, to 7, to 8 enhancements, in comparison, for example), hence the offer.

I paid ~ £120 for the Reason / Record duo upgrade which was very worth it except I missed out on extra sounds. For me, the offer is mostly worth the new soundbank and one of the new effects (tape echo), and hence that is what I will base my offer price on.