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Originally Posted by Rhypht View Post
I'm glad this thread came up. I've been considering getting an MPK Mini and I would have never known about the issues.
I haven't written a review on mine yet, but I must say (once you've got a Remote codec working, for example my one, not aware of any others) it works as well as I would expect. The keys have a reasonable feel, the pads feel fine, there have been complaints about the knobs but they seem fine to me also. I think, for what it costs, it's a great little portable MIDI controller. The only thing I'd wish for is a pitch bend wheel, but I'm going to see what I can do in that area with TouchOSC and my iPhone...

Also, if you're not adverse to hacking the .remotemap file, you can set it up to control whatever you want. You can also change the way the pads work in CC or Prog mode if you feel inclined to hack the .luacodec file - it's really not that hard, my version only took me two evenings and most of that was figuring out the initial support.