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Retro Organ Essentials - for Reason Essentials

JP is pleased to launch the first third-party ReFill for Reason Essentials.

Retro Organ Essentials
features an ReE compatible set of classic organ sounds from the B3, Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe and the Vox Continental in a lightweight, 16-bit/44kHz, Reason Essentials-compatible package.

The B3 omits the pedals, but includes all footages and both 2nd and 3rd Percussion. The Vox Continental features the original orange-top setup (16-8-4-IV), omitting the additional footages, percussion and pedals of the C300; while the Farfisa features Compact Deluxe-version tones, but skips the Multi-Tone Booster, pedals, percussion and piccolo. A selection of famous presets from the full Retro Organs are included to get you started!

Retro Organ Essentials is available now for just £24.95

The Retro Organs ReFill for Reason 4.01+, featuring 24-bit B3 and Farfisa, plus a complete set of tones including all the organ pedals, all Continental 300 footages and percussion, (16-bit only), and the Farfisa Multi-Booster and percussion, plus all the presets, favourites and effects remains available for £39.95, while the complete individual organ ReFills are also still on sale for £19.95 each.
Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason

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