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Please integrate ReCycle with Reason

so far I am completely content with the purchase, download, and functioning experience with the R6 upgrade, I've been reading everyone's horror stories about paypal and the slow download time and glitches which I have not experienced any of yet. that being said, my only complaint about Props software all along (besides the lack of VST support) is why since the inception of audio recording in Reason haven't they integrated ReCycle with Reason yet? I also had a problem with the price tag on ReCycle but since Props was so gracious with the R6 upgrade (and I do love their software) I'm going to continue supporting this company and purchase ReCycle along with the Balance device. but if anyone at Props is reading this please for the sake of a smooth workflow integrate Recycle with reason. I can understand if you want to keep it as a standalone app but for the registered owners of both Reason and ReCycle I'm sure you can have them both work seamlessly. I''m also sure people who like sample based music would love to have sliced samples on the fly right inside Kong... the live applications of this would boost interest in both props software apps.