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Ooo, Audio Quantizing PLEASE, PLEASE!

I know this has been brought up before, even by me, but I really have to say the day that PH decided
they were going audio and already new how to do it ,Recycle the first audio quantizer or close to being the first, it should have been a no brainer to include this feature in Record let alone not put it in the last 2 updates!!!!

In this day and age to have a DAW without audio quantizing is just plain out wrong..IMHO!!!!!!!

What is the logic in having quantizing for all the great midi instruments in Reason and not have it for audio, hell PH you have the most awesome sampling feature also, all these great audio recording ways but no quantizing for it........ just a plain out big FUMBLE!

PH you modeled your mixer after a mixer that was made for AUDIO, and may I say you did a great job, but again no quantizing?

The real thing that bugs the hell out of me is if I need just a little quantizing to tighten up a recording I have to leave Reason and that my friends goes against the whole reason I love Reason.

I don't bitch much at all but PH if you are going to do audio go at it 100% not 99.3%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I feel a little better, thanks for listening.