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Help recording drum machine

I'm having some trouble getting the tempo on my drum machine (Alesis SR-18 connected through an alesis i02) to match with the tempo of Record.
I have no problem recording it, all the sound comes through fine, it's just when I record a pattern from the drum machine and try to make it into a loop in Record, the tempos are off and the lines in Record sequencer won't match the drum hits.
For example, I set the drum machine tempo to 115 and then set Record's tempo at 115, then I record the pattern and make sure the clip starts at the beginning of the block in the sequencer, then try to make a 4 bar loop, but the tempos don't match.
I have tried disabling stretch and tried to set a different tempo on both the software and hardware, but nothing works.
I'm really confused, because I'm positive I've managed before, but have no idea why it's not working now.
Any help or suggestions would be much awesomeness!

Thank you!
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