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Reason 6 started working ok after a night of computer too slow to play song

Got Reason 6 upgrade yesterday and installed it last night. On install complete I rebooted and the computer blue screened whilst booting. I duly switched off and after a while on again. Ran Reason and loaded the default demo song. Got the Computer Too Slow To Play Song message about half way through and was worried as I've seen the threads with people who have problems. Ran a couple of songs I'd completed in Record 1.5/Reason 5 and they wouldn't play. No way - tried a few different settings but nothing worked. Well disappointed and figured I was one of the unlucky ones. Went to bed feeling a bit miffed but looking on the bright side that at least I had the new sound banks and planning to go back to Record / Reason. Turned PC on today and thought I'd try again before taking the inevitable step of going back to Record & Reason. Loaded a few tunes including ones that wouldn't play yesterday and I'm back in business. noticed a few crackles at first but they've gone and I'm running task manager and watching performance not go over 60%. TFFT can now go and play with my new toys. Hopefully that's the end of my problems now but commiserations to everyone else who's still struggling.