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A problem with installing reason!

Hello, today i recieved a beautiful shiny box with reason 6 in it. I was happy to finally have gotten it and as i arived home i ran straight to my laptop in order to register and use it as fast as possible. I unbox it and admire the gorgeous USB-Stick that i find within. I put the stickers and other non-relevant stuff aside and insert the CD. I drag the reason folder icon onto my HD. It installs for a while and finally lets me access its goods. I click the reason icon and after a few brief moments i get this message:

"Additional installation required
Reason needs to install a system extension for the Ignition Key hardware.
This will take a few moments and requires that you provide your Administrator password. After the installation, you will be asked to restart your computer.

I choose "Install and restart" after which i receive another screen telling me to give reason 6 the permisson to do whatever by entering my password. The message goes away and reason just kinda stands there for a few moments. Later, it silently closes and no other action follows - no restart nor any other message.

I'm kinda confused and also a bit angry (aswell hungry). I spent about an hour on trying to solve this problem although had no luck in doing so... Priviously i owned a demo of reason 6 which gave me the exact same message until i have finally desided to uninstall the demo.

If someone knows how i could help the situation, please help me!! I want to start working with reason today!!