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Modular CV System Concept (Device)

So, I have been using Reason for quite a while now, and have all but mastered the usage of CV in designing instruments. At this point I have reached some limitations that the program has when it comes to instrument design (through combinators of course). Now obviously all development software has limitations, but the design of Reason and it's possession of a universal information carrier (CV) gives it infinite versatility, however some of the mechanisms to control that information is lacking. Even when using multiple combinators and the Thor as CV control hubs, there are some critical things that I cannot do in terms of automatic systems, integrated control, and automation.
I have come up with a full concept that can change all this, and give the user complete control over instrument design, control, and even live performance. In fact, due to the nature of the program, it would likely make Reason the prime program to use for live performance as well as instrument design and customization.
In summary, the concept is a modular self contained device (like a combinator or channel fx). The device has a series of mechanisms rotaries, sliders, switches, toggles, 2D controllers (like a format filter) and modifiers such like ratio merging, advanced LFO, note carrier, amp to CV, (among quite a few others). It would also have programming boxes that allow synchronization and CV output zone isolation. (these boxes have control features that the combinator or thor do not possess, and are impossible to do with wiring).
The best part of it all, is it is modular, so the user creates, places, wires, and programs these sub-devices inside the the main controller. They can make simple CV processors, or mega complex controllers that can control an entire song. With enough MIDI devices, you could have more control during performance than any modern software or hardware can give. It would give instrument designs the ultimate edge by allowing effects and parameters to change automatically, simultaneously, or with the midi key (not excluding all of those things at the same time). It's relatively simple, completely customizable, and fully integrable, making it likely one of the most powerful tool in the program.

I'm not one of those people going "herp derp, u maake dis fur mi," I actually have a "this is how it works and how it's made," put together.

SO... unfortunately the idea kinda requires a visual diagram and little arrows pointing to stuff with all sorts of words. I sketched a little bit of it out, but I will have to digitally draw up a rough design of the modules and how they work (which I already have in my head and written on paper).
I kinda wanted to make sure the dev team was interested before spending over 9000 hours in ms paint. Either reply to this thread or email me at if you want the schematics.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are interested in hearing the full concept!
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