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Rewire Problems


I have Reason 3 and although I have not used it for years, I still have the disks. So I decided to re-install it the other day and try and re-wire it to my other regular DAWs, Studio One and Reaper. Reason 3 works just fine on its own on my system (Win 7 64 bit).

When I try to re-wire, it fails in exactly the same way in both DAWs. After I installed Reason 3, both DAWs show the reason Re-Wire icons and when I activate them, the Reason 3 splash screen appears and then after a few seconds I get a Windows dialog that says Studio One/Reaper has stopped working and shuts down (or I have to shut it down manually) After that the Reason splash screen still shows for a while and then it says Reason has stopped working and I have to shut it down too.

I know Studio One's re-wire works fine because I can re-wire Reaper to S1 no problem. Its Reason that's causing the problem, I think.

(Btw, I also cannot rewire Rebirth to either DAW. Although the Rebirth icons show in both DAW's instrument lists, nothing happens if I click/drag them into the project.)

I have Win 7 64 bit and I run Studio One and Reaper both in 32 bit. I presume Reason 3 is 32 bit but I am actually not sure about that. Would it have installed the 64 bit version (if there even was one) when it saw the 64 bit version of Windows 7? Just a thought I had right now...

Any thoughts anyone?