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Region Looping and Fader Grouping

I've been waiting for region looping since regions were introduced. It's such a braindead simple feature, and I've been disappointed by 3 or more releases (including Record's) failing to implement it, what's the hold up?

Just add region looping like they have in Logic. A simple checkbox will tell a region to continue looping until it is interrupted by the next region on the track (if any).

Currently if I'm working on a song, and I want to add another drum beat, and I want to create that pattern in the sequencer, if the drum region is going to be 2 bars I need to set loop points to the 2 bars in order to program the beat. If music's already in place I will be listening to the same 2 bars of music while I program that beat until it's finished.

I would greatly appreciate it if I could just set that region to loop, then I could program the pattern while the region plays throughout the entire song, so I don't go crazy or lose my inspiration listening to the same 2 bars of music over and over.

Dunno if that makes sense, but if you've used Logic, you know how it works, and you probably want this feature too.

It would also eliminate the need or desire some of us have for Polyphonic Matrix Pattern sequencers, since a looping region would behave basically like one.

And fader grouping, well duh, I'm sure it's coming, but hey, reminder.

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