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Question Solid State Hard Drive Configuration??


I just built a new computer with an 8 core processor, 64Gigs RAM, 1TB hard disk drive and a 120Gig Solid State hard drive. I'm just starting to install my favorite programs and this machine is FAST!! The solid state drive isn't that big so I am installing most general programs, music, vids, ect to the spinning hard drive. Of course Windows 7 is installed on the solid state drive. I have told Windows to store all Temp and Internet files on the 1TB drive to keep the ssd uncluttered.

Now............about installing my music programs. I plan on installing my favorites. Fruity Loops 10, Sony ACID7, Komplete 8 and of course Reason 6. I want performance for these programs but some of the sample/sounds libraries are HUGE. If the programs are installed on the ssd can I store these sound libraries on the other hard disk. I believe all these programs have options for library storage. I need to know the best way to install these programs to get the speed and best performance from the new ssd.
Thanks. -charley