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Lightbulb Look-behind presustain/predecay (hear pads when you start from the middle of a note)

This is one of those crazy ideas I'm sure other people have had before but never quite put into words (I'm one of those people). I think when it first occurred to me, there was obviously no way it could work, because I was using hardware at the time. With Reason, though...

The idea here is a look-behind sequencer playhead. Wherever you are in the sequencer, it looks behind before you start playing, and checks with each sound generator to see if any voices would still be playing at that point in the sequence (a note's amp envelope is calculated as long enough to spill into the start time). If it finds any, it renders that voice starting at the offset of however far back its note is.

The benefits are obvious: You get audio-like playback from MIDI, anywhere in the sequencer. Ambient producers probably stand to reap the biggest benefit, but anything from a long dubstep wobble bass note to an IDM arp chord would always sound right without having to make sure you start playing before the sequencer note.

Of course, this would have to be a switch (probably in the transport panel). The drawback would be lag before you start playing, maybe a couple hundred ms, maybe a few seconds. But it would be great tool to make composing and producing a little more seamless!

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