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Reason 6 takes forever to load

Hi all,

Just got the Reason 6 upgrade (and have patched it to 6.0.1). I'm running Win7 64-bit, and my sound card is a Creative Labs SB X-Fi card, and am of course using the Creative ASIO driver (which works great for everything else, like Sonar X1, Vegas 8)

When I start up Reason, it takes approximately 10 minutes for it all to load. The PC I'm on is about a year old, and has 8 GB of RAM. I've tried switching Reason's audio drivers from the Creative ASIO to ASIO4ALL V2, and the only difference is that, when using ASIO4ALL, it probably takes an extra 2-3 minutes to load.

Is anyone else experiencing this? What can I do? Everything else audio-related on my system runs like smooth butter. What's the deal?

EDIT: Answered, sort of. It's a network issue, see below.

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