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Snap to note on Events -Automation + Spline curves (Vector Automation)

I've said it before and why I've gotten no one else saying yes is beyond me.......
When you have midi note lane can we please get the following option.

1.Create Automation for synth or combi knob

2.Select snap to midi events (this places an automation dot at each note on event in that correlates directly to the midi lane)

3. then you can 1) adjust the value and 2) shift click and drag and spline curved based automation curve between points that correlate to direct note on events for the device in question.

4.Add a snap to transient feature with sensitivity control for audio lanes also, with the same spline curve features

This would make note on or specific audio based effect automation 1000 times faster and a lot more complex than it already is. Great for note on specific modulations and transient based effect triggers for The Echo and so on and so forth.