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Originally Posted by clarktw View Post
Thanks for posting the in-depth review; there have been numerous posts asking if anyone has seen any and the music mags haven’t picked up on it yet. Some of the experts here who apparently beta-tested Balance have also posted reviews, but it’s nice to see yours as you being a brand new owner of Balance/ReE. You are the first member I’ve seen with just the ReE bright new all orange icon.

Hey, welcome to the forums and to Reason! BTW, all of the reviews I’ve seen are overall of a good rating, and everyone mentions the fingerprints.
Thanks clarktw. It's my pleasure! To be honest some of those posts would have been from me, so i'm just trying to help people that were in my situation.
I remember playing around with my brothers reason v3 years back quite a lot so i'm not totally new to it all, but never thought about buying a copy because
1 - I was 13 and had about 50p worth of savings, and
2 - It wasn't a full on DAW, So now was a perfect time to purchase