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Need advice buying a second hand reason 6 license


I'm planning on buying a second hand Reason 6 license, but the seller says he has got no authorization card, because it was an upgrade from Reason 4. Is this true? You don't get a card when you upgrade?
His Reason 6 license is registered, and he is willing to transfer the license to me.
He will also give me the ignition key.
But I'm worried; Will he be able to get the license back if he shows an authorization card to propellerhead? For instance, if he shows his original Reason 4 authorization card?
For all I know, he might be lying, and as soon as I've paid, he might try to get the license back, by emailing propellerhead, and showing them the authorization card.
This is what I would like to avoid.
How can I make sure the license will be mine forever?

Thank you,


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