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Wink [Reason 6 Refill]Missing Pieces - Octopulsethor Released ! + FREE BONUS DOWNLOADS

I just finished my second commercial Refill "Missing Pieces - Octopulethor"
It's ready for sale in 36$ price.
Check my page for better description and demo refill and free patches.
Everyone who will buy it before end of Black Friday will get my previous Refill "Missing Pieces - Feedback Echo" for free ...if you already don't have it :P


Total 666 sound patches for Reason 6 or above.

- 256 Thor patches in 4 categories - Pad, Bass, Synth, FX

- 256 Single sound Combinator patches armed with Pulveriser, The Echo, Aligathor, KongFX, and Line6 amp effects.

- 94 “Tripulsethor” Triple sound combinator patches.

- 60 “Octapulsethor” combinator patches with eight thors, in double 4-way cross-fade and selective frequency filters system .

- 35 Combinator skins in ART and reason clip colors style.

Other Reason Demo Songs are till under construction:

Loading SoundCloud…

I also made some quick vdeo presentation.
Audio quality in this video could be much better, but I still can't find good codec that works with my recording software.

Even if you don't want to buy my refill, you still can visit my site and check free downloads section.

PS. Sorry for double Forum post, I just found that some users don't look in to User Forum Section at all.

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