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Angry Unable to transfer license.

Wow, I am in the reverse situation of another user.

I bought a copy of Reason 6 from this site which I did not need, noticed that I am passed the return period by a few days, so I sold it on ebay (at a big loss). Now I am trying to transfer the license to my buyer. There was no cards in the box, which I thought was strange, but possibly a new thing since the license was automatically registered to my account, and I bought Reason 6 on the launch day (i bet they were busy like crazy,maybe missed something). The license IS on my account though (along side MY copy of reason and other goodies). I try and transfer the license and I get this message:

"DONE! We have received your request for a license transfer and will process it as soon as possible.
You will be notified when the transfer is completed"

This transfer was started the second the buyer signed for the package on Friday.

*we wait two days*
*buyer getting impatient, wants to use Reason 6 on Sunday* (who could blame him)

So I went back in my email, found no emails in spam or inbox from props. My buyer had a brilliant idea and suggested I look in my original invoice email from Prop to look for the registration/license codes. No luck. The invoice had no info, also no other emails sent from props around that time. I am guessing that registration and license numbers arent emailed out due to security risks.

I have had my eBay account since 2002 and have a 100% rating. I sure hope that prop can just transfer this account over before I get a negative. That would really suck for everyone involved.

To my buyer: I am so sorry. I have never transferred a license, I thought it was instant and there was no real information on this site that I could find.