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Need advice to make final purchase decision

I need some advice from experienced Reason users in order to decide whether to purchase Reason 6 or not. The guy at my local music store is strongly recommending Komplete 8, but the more research I do the more I think that Reason would be better for what I want to do. I just need to make sure before I make my final decision. There's a lot of excellent information about Reason 6 on this forum and on the web, but it seems very difficult to find specific examples of how to use Reason 6 as a keyboard player on stage, with an actual band rather than a DJ.

Of course, there's the "Reason On Stage" video, which looks very cool but does not provide much information about how these famous artists use Reason as part of their live performances. I've seen a couple of articles/videos about Combinator, but they never provide detailed information for things like how to easily load Combinator presets for each song, ideally by just hitting a button on the keyboard. Maybe it's just that I have not used it yet?

I used to play keyboards in a band during the 80's. Amongst other things, I was using a Roland S-50 sampler back then, and I remember having to rush at the end of every couple of songs to load the next batch of sounds from floppy while the singer did his best to keep the crowd distracted. I definitely do not want to go through the 2011 version of the same thing on a laptop and mess around with the trackpad to find and load the next Combinator file, or struggle just to load a basic piano or organ sound for that "unexpected special request".

So any advice, tips, or links to helpful articles or videos would be much appreciated.

Also, any recommendations for a good 61 key controller (I am thinking maybe the Novation Impulse 61?) and recording interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2?) would be very helpful. Again, local music store staff seem more interested in selling me whatever they happen to have in stock rather than actually providing helpful advice, so I am hoping to get better information from a forum of people who actually use Reason to make music.