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Tempo Stretching Question

While I'll admit Reason's time-stretching sounds pretty good, I feel like I do sometimes detect a little artifact in there and in most cases I want my audio tracks to remain "pristine" and not resampled in any way by changing the tempo. Overall, I want to keep them at the original tempo at which they were recorded so they retain their original quality.

Here's the situation: Let's say I record some audio tracks (non-MIDI) at 120 bpm but I decided to make an exception and record my guitar shred track or whatever at a slower tempo. If I slow everything down to, say, 85 bpm Reason will perform its time-stretching magic and the tracks will be altered. OK, so I record my guitar slowly to perform it more accurately and then bring the tempo back up to the original 120 bpm that everything else (besides the shred guitar) was recorded at.

My question is, will my other audio tracks go back to their "pristine", non-time stretched state when I go back up to the original tempo at which they were recorded? Or will Reason resample from 120 bpm to 85 bpm and then resample AGAIN to get back to 120 bpm? In other words, what are the risks of time-stretching artifact build-up? How does the time-stretching really operate? Does that make sense?

Thank you in advance to anyone who knows about this.

Man, I love Reason 6 so much. I'm having so much fun with it.

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