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Thumbs up Total Integration hardware synths in Reason Rack !

REASON -> No midi Out..

Why we need Midi Out?
90% for work with Hardware Synths - sync Reason and synths..

Today its work as Midi Sync without Midi Out to synths.

We need not only Mid Out as function

We need in MORE!

New Rack Reason Device
- Rack module
- have Track in sequencer, send midi out hardware to synts
- Module have presets
- Presets is synths skins (real hardware synth models)
- Skin have real model structure
- On preset of real synth we must have all(or few) synth controllers (knobs, buttons, pitch/wheel)

Its can be genius Device, no.. more! TOTAL INTEGRATION hardware synths System

remember it, and please support this theme!
Big part of Reason users use hardware synths.
Say yes for Synth integration!

PS: Its not for VST. Reason devices have Big Sound. But real hardware synths - real in today studio and Live work


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