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Reason 6 EDU Teacher and Student Edition?

Hello from Germany to the propellerheads Forum..

I've already asked google but I am unfortunately not become smart

maybe you can help me please ??

Is there any difference between the "normal Reason 6" and the "Reason 6 EDU Teacher and Student Edition"?
I've seen, it can save a lot of money if you buy an EDU version.

But I do not know if these versions are exactly the same?!

I have long time working with cubase and an additional amount of external equipment.
But unfortunately it was never really stable or comfortable. So now I have everything but my keyboard, the computer, my speakers and some external fx-machines sold.
And today is the day I had planned to buy Reason 6 for under the tree

I have been testet an old reason3 from a friend and also the reason6 demo.
Its an amazing tool and very easy to use if you switch from a real studio to a virtuall studio..

Great Job Propellerhead! Well done!

PS: My first Music Software was the ReBirth 338..
Now i´m Back