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Hi All,

for some reason(no pun intended) my R6 version started acting up today. The only thing i changed was new drivers for my Logitech keyboard Mouse combo.

I then reinstalled R6 from the disc provided and when i started it then first time the factory and orkester content was installed.

however then i got this error window.


the operation could not be completed because the format is not supported


when i click ok nothing happens...

I am running on an old 20" iMac with a C2D 2.16 and 2gb ram, OSX 10.5.8

this has been working without any problems since upgrading to R6 over two months ago.

Any help is appreciated...


P.S. i did delete the reason folder in applications before i reinstalled the lot and I also downloaded the latest version 6.0.2 with no luck!