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Originally Posted by mrkinnies View Post
Hi there,

Having read a few reviews on Amazon and Sound On Sound, the general consensus is that the headphone level can be quiet even when on max....which is a shame cos I have some DT770 250ohm cans on order and have just acquired Balance myself. I'll let you know how I get on with the Beyer headphones when they arrive although my output goes through a separate amp so if the direct output on Balance is poor I'll use the phone socket on the amp instead.

I will say that I'm currently using a cheap pair of Philips headphones with tiny impedence (8 ohms I think) and although they sound crap, the volume is very good on Balance. I imagine the 250ohms impedance on the Beyers will reduce the sound level and maybe that is the problem you are experiencing....too much resistance.


Edit: I see that you've sorted it anyway - It always pays to read the full conversation, lol! Glad you've got it under control.
Let me just add that the headphone amp in Balance is actually very, very loud. We put a lot of time and effort into that! What you SHOULD know though is that Balance respects the system level of Mac OS X. I personally believe that the Sound On Sound reviewer had his system level turned down as we have the same headphones he used here and it literally hurts your ears if the Balance output is above 50%.

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