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Time stretch/ Pitch Shift algorithm in Samplers

I like the Reason's samplers.

But i think that they really miss an or different options for TimeStretch and/or PitchShift.

Reason 6 had a nice Time stretch system, so i think that it's not too difficult to apply it to the samplers.

Can be implemented as a per sample Time strech/Pitch shift different options.

I admit that if you set an extrem setting, you can obtainn strange results ( but sometimes strange results are really nice ).

Can be used in several ways :

- Assign a sample to keep the sample lenght and change only the pitch.
- Assign the velocity to change the sample lenght without changing the pitch.
- Set a drum sample to an exact lenght without changing the pitch.
- Create some realtime time slow/acceleration effects with envelope, LFO, CV.
And so...