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Slave Mode

Hey all,

I'm having trouble using rewire to slave reason to pro tools 8. It's been a while since I've worked with reason and I can't figure what the problem is. I have checked out the tutorial to help clarify and it appears Reason isn't automatically entering slave mode, or at least I think. I have opened them in the right order (pro tools then reason as an insert). In the tutorial online it says:

"Reason will enter ReWire slave mode, as indicated on the Hardware Interface. This means that all audio now is handled by Pro Tools – the ReWire host."

However, looking at the Hardware Interface section in reason, the active audio driver says "Digidesign Mbox 2" instead of "Rewire Slave mode." I'm most positive this is where my problem lies. Also, when I create an instrument in reason, Pro Tools won't allow me to set the output of the PT audio track under the instrument column to the instrument I've created. This leads me to believe again that Reason isn't slaving to PT. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.