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Post Reason 6 User Friendly But Weak Wave Support Technology

Reason 6 is Record 1.5 combined with Reason 5 and 3 additional devices, put into a 64 bit platform, giving you more power and speed. They being Propellerheads literally gave it away to Reason 4 & 5, plus Record users. The upgrade was given to you at the price you thought it was worth. I paid $5.00. The going price for this DAW is about $449.99.

Reason 6 is a full DAW unlike prior Reason programs, which were basically music production programs. Reason 6 has audio tracks and all types of devices to alter sounds and create effects. This is in addition to the Reason devices Reason users have become used too.

People complain because Reason 6 does not support VST. But this is unnecessary because Reason has its own devices that compensate for the lack of and can certainly update its effects with its ability to design combinator patches. My concern is that as user friendly as Reason is, using Wave and Acid Files are a little too complex.

Acid Pro 7 was a huge disappointment as it crashes too often on Windows 7 Home Premium. Maybe I might have better luck with Windows 7 Professional as it gives you virtual XP mode. I do not know for certain and nobody is blogging information about how Windows 7 Professional enhances DAW performances.

REX 2 files are OK at best, when looping you want to use Acid files if possible, because they are awesome. I own a huge selection of Acid, Wave and REX2 Files, my Wave and Acid Files have been sitting on the shelf, because I am a lover of Reason, and do most of my projects in this DAW platform. Sure I could use my Cubase Studio 4, that I am considering upgrading to Cubase 6, but where is all this money coming from.

Well Cubase Studio 4 does the job of supporting my Acid Files seamlessly, once you understand the way Cubase works. Whereby Cubase is not as user friendly, it will do about anything you tell it to do.

While Steinberg is known for VST Technology, Cubase supports many formats to include REX 2 and Acid among others. Reason is known for REX 2 and seems to have been trying to force this limitation on its users. I do not expect Propellerheads to support VST, but it claims to support Wave, and REX 2 and therefore Acid which is a form of a Wave File by modified Sony. Propellerheads needs to make Acid user friendly on its audio tracks. The current steps are:

After Further Research:

Reason 6 does support Acid Files Seamlessly:

How to use Wave Files in Reason 6

right click on audio clip > disable time stretch.

Then use Length Adjustment at 4/8 bars and adjust the tempo to match accordingly (So it seamlessly plays the loop).

Once you have matched it up, right click >
1. Bounce clip to new recording
2. Re-Enable time stretch.

The problem here is that Reason does not tell you the BPM Tempo to the Loops, for perfect adjustments. Many loops are in odd numbers like 80.234 BPM.

Finally, the old remedy for this problem was to Rewire. I am having problems with Rewire Technology in 2012. Cubase Studio 4 64 bit does not Rewire and Acid crashes all the time and when you Rewire its protocols are Reason 5 which will require another Key as the upgrade to Reason 6 used the Dongle Key to Reason 5 and Record 1.5 operations.

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