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Help with Rewiring Reason 6 with Logic 9 ???

Hey folks. I just upgraded to Reason 6. Trying to rewire into Logic 9. Is there some place to get step by step instructions on how to do this? I've watched a bunch of tutorial vids and what I see on my screen is different from what I see in the tutorials. For example, the tutorialS say one should open Logic first then Reason, but at that point you won't be able to hear reason. Well I can totally hear it. And in one vid they say that if you click on Reason in the Instrument window pane on the right in Logic, that you'll see the instruments open in the current Reason session (mixer, Thor, NNXT, etc) listed in Logic's instrument pane. Well when I click on Reason in the instrument window pane in Logic, nothing is listed even though I have the Mixer, Thor and Kong active. Also, one vid I watched said if you open Reason after you open Logic, Reason would indicate that it's in "slave mode"....mine doesn't say that.

Is Rewire automatically downloaded w/Reason 6? Or do you even need Rewire to synch Reason 6 w/Logic 9?

I'm using Reason 6 and Logic 9 on a late 2008 Macbook Pro w/4Ghz Intel Core Duo Processor w/4 Gigs of RAM. MAC OS 10.6.8

Can anyone point me in the right direction or list the steps I should follow for using Reason 6 in Logic 9 via Rewire?

Thanks in advance for any help.