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Reason Dubstep Producers?

I have lately really been trying to get going in the Dubstep production world. Right now, I only have Reason 6, and I am finding myself getting stuck and not knowing how to proceed.
I know there are a few Dubstep producers who use Reason for their tracks, but I have not found many in my searching. I was hoping to be able to hear tracks that I know were made in Reason so I can help myself understand how you make Dubstep in Reason. I also wanted to maybe chat with a few producers who use it so I can get a better understanding of how to go about making my own.
There are only a very small handful of Reason Dubstep tutorials on YouTube, all of which I have watched, and there is an even smaller amount that pertain specifically to Reason 6 (I think I found one, and it wasn't a full on Dubstep tutorial, just BoyInABand experimenting with R6 when it first came out).
If anyone can recommend any tuts, producers, or tracks that pertain to Dubstep production in R6, it'd be greatly appreciated.