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New Revised Version Of The Nektar Panorama Controller Synth For Reason(16 Pad Version

Now this is what we are looking for, KONG here we come.

The Nektar Panorama P4 49-Note Keyboard Controller has been custom designed for the user to have full control over all the functions and features in Propellerhead Reason. The Panorama is different to other generic controllers. It's sole purpose is to cater for Reason producers and musicians who have been looking for a controller that does it all.
The Panorama P4 from Nektar Technology had been integrated with their very own communication protocol that has been custom developed for Reason software. This makes the Panorama keyboard controller work in perfect harmony with Reason. There are two main sections to the Panorama, where the user has control over Reason's Mixer and Channel Strip. Also a velocity-sensitive drum pad with sixteen triggers for MIDI assign and samples. The on-board display clearly lets the user know which parameter is assigned and currently controlled by Panorama. The display has been designed this way so it may look identical to the display screen in reason, making workflow quick and easy for the user.
There are two buttons on the Panorama P4 that are not graphically represented on the display. Above the 9th fader we positioned a toggle button which allows you to toggle through assignment options for the 8 encoders. This is how you gain access to each of the FX send parameters in the Reason mixer. Press the button once and you assign all 8 encoders to Send 1, press again and they are assigned to Send 2 etc. Below the 9th fader, there is also a toggle button. Press it and you step through the assignment options available for the 8 LED buttons. Options include Mute, Solo and Select track.
The mixer channel strips in Reason are comprehensive and like the real world hardware - quite long! Panorama breaks the channel strip down in to manageable localized sections, accessible at the push of a button. From the mixer menu, you have access to EQ, Dynamics, Inserts and Sends across the buttons below the display. Pressing the ‘EQ’ display button updates the screen to show the assignment of the 8 encoders to the right of the display.
The main features of Nektar Panorama P4 include:
  • 49-Note Keyboard Controller
  • Custom designed for Propellerhead Reason
  • Integrated with communication protocol
  • Mixer Control
  • Channel Strip Controls
  • 16 Velocity Pads (Updated from the previous 12)
  • Modulation Wheel
  • Pitch Bend
  • Graphic Display

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