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.reason file modified even if I didn't change it...

Here is a Reason annoyance that I wish Propellerheads would remove form the program.

In Windows right-click on a .reason file somewhere on you file system, select properties, select the details tab. Make note of the 'modified date'. I don't know what the equivalent is on a Mac but I'm sure its easy.

Now, open the .reason file in Reason. Don't play the song, don't change a thing. Now, close the file.

Go back to the file properties and look at the modified date. It changed.

This is really poor file system etiquette. Any file that you did not modify should be COMPLETELY UNCHANGED. Virtually all programs honor this simple rule. Try it with ANY PROGRAM you can think of!

If this seems trivial consider someone using Dropbox or another cloud based tool. Any time the file changes Dropbox must sent the changes to it's peers. Fortunately most tools like this only send the delta of the changes so its really small.

Now consider someone who manually copies changed files to a NAS, maybe even over a wireless network for backup purposes - you know BACKUPS? you do them, right? A manual copy is a complete copy of the file. Reason files can be enormous. Gig's even.

So as a result of simply opening a reason file I have a "new version" which needs to be copied. Yuck! Seriously bad file system etiquette, Props... Need to fix this.
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