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The Real Supersaw - want it for Reason?

You're a big fan of the legendary JP-8000 Synthesizer by Roland and it's unreached fantastic bright and airy sound of the famous Super Saw Oscillators? And maybe want this amazing sound in Reason? Without Any Samples, just made with Reason's modules? After Weeks of sleepless nights and tons of chunk food, hours and hours of studying and analizing the original Supersaw with FFT-Analysis, Oscilloscopes and lots of math to find out how it was made and works, I cracked the heavy code of the Supersaw and how it works. With regard to that I've re-created the Real Supersaw in Reason 6 in form of a Combinator Patch . It's based on 2 Supersaw Oscillators. Each one generates 7 Sawtooth waveforms witth a slight detune between them (so also it works in the JP-8000). Each of the 7 Sawtooth's of an OSC is based on an instance of the Subtractor synth and several instances of the Thor. The Thor's themselves don't create any sound. They are just for controling the most important elements, they work as "knobs" to set parameters like the volume of an OSC or change the Octave of an OSC, and so on. Why did I use the Subtractor, if i could use a Thor and it's Multi OSC to generate this kind of sounds? It's very easy to understand: the Thor's Multi OSC doesn't sound so clear as the subtractor does. The Multi OSC does'nt sound bright enough in the higher frequencies (because maybe that's a wavetabled OSC and therefor bandlimited? I think so). And the Subtractor's basic Sawtooth has another important advantage, that we can exploit to create the real Super Saw: It's a free running one. This is very important to give the Super Saw that bright and airy sound, whitch made the JP8000 so legendary. There was a lot of work needed. Lots of detuning, cable linking, modulation routing and and and. And now here it is: a full controlable Supersaw Emulation of the great Super Saw, that sounds very, very close to the original. This Combinator Patch was created just with Reason's internal tools and not one sound sample was used. It's just Reason! And i added a new feature that enhance the sound experience, a controlable spread section for each of both OSC's that can turn the sound from a complete mono sounding signal to a very bright and more airy stereo sound, even more than the JP-8000 does. And you've never heard a sound like this coming out from Reason before! If You can't believe, here's a little sound example what's waiting for You:

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For the download see at the bootom of this post.

This is the pure sound that's coming out from the combinator. There're no Dynamics Effects or EQ's used. Just the pure sound. I only addet a RV7000 Reverb and The Echo with a Pingpong Delay as Sends in the Reason 6 SSL Mixer Console. There are just 2 Oscillator's in this Patch (the JP-8000 does have 4, 2 at upper and 2 at lower Layer) because some elements are routed to the control surfaces of the Combinator and they are all in use by the 2 OSC section. But it's not the problem,because You can just use 2 of the Combinators and route them both per Spider Audio Module to one Mix Channel. The Patch is not completely ready because I still have to do some fixes. But in the next two days this post will be updated and it will be available here for free. Plesae take a little time and write a comment what you think about this little creation.

There's no manual beside yet. I'll write one in the next hours. If something is incomprehensible pleas ask me. About the LFO Section: I did insert a Combinator as a LFO Section. Use its both LFO's. LFO 1 controls The Filter Cutoff at the moment, and LFO 2 controls the OSC's Pitch (controls the Pitch wheel). But You can pluck the Thor's CV 1 output and CV 2 output to other CV inputs of the 14 Subtractors to control these with the LFO's. With the Combinator's Rotaries 3 & 4 you can set the Amount of the LFO's. Other LFO settings (Rate, Key Sync, Tempo Sync, Delay, Keyboard Follow and the LFO's waveform) You can set in the Thor itself.

About the Envelopes. I couldn't route the Filter Env and the Amp Env to combinator, because all rotaries and other programable controllers are in use by other things. And I did try to route it per Thor's CV's. But this was not so good. The envelopes did crazy things, but not what they should do. so You have to set them manually by each Subtractor separately. I try to find a way to create an overall Env Section. But I can't promise.

Best Regards and happy Producing!!!

By the way: what do You think about a little Teamwork? Let's try to make a Patch Bank with this Supersaw together. A Patch Bank with basses, leads, pads, etc.
Let's call it "The Supersaw Community Sound Set". What do You think about this idea?

Here's The Supersaw Patch:
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