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Originally Posted by SteveDiverse View Post
What is the incompatible usb chipset? that would be worth knowing...although with only 3 people reporting the issue, it must not be commonly used.
Originally Posted by danfarmer View Post
What board is it?
Just caught up with this :

The board is a Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H, and the chipset is AMD780G/SB700 (SouthBridge 700 is the USB controller)

From Marcus' comments, he referred to 2 other people having the same problem with exactly the same motherboard, but I would guess that this chipset is/was used in other boards. To be fair, it is a couple of years old now, but was sitting around with 4gb ram and an AMD quad core - also has HDMI out onboard, so is hooked up to a 32" TV @ 1080p - I thought the onboard video would be better for keeping the noise level down.

As I said previously, with the Belkin PCI card installed, and the onboard USB enabled, it was perfectly useable - but by disabling the onboard USB, the results from DCP Latency checker were far better and allowed me to reduce the buffer and increase the sample rate with no problems.

EDIT: a quick look arounf Google shows that the chipset was used in boards by MSI.Foxconn and Asus amongst others

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