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Mixing REAL Audio songs in REASON 5!!! Dub demo ~ Video!

Hi all. Back again with another video.

Full Song Mixing in Reason 5 & Dub Demonstration:

Here's the story: I had a full song to mix and wanted to do a Dub version. Well, Reason allows for the easiest and most accurate mapping of sliders to effects than any DAW I currently have. With other DAWs, the knob movement simply isnt smooth or accurate = Reason is always perfect in this regard.....

So... I wanted to mix my song in Reason where I could apply effects instanly and accurately via the sliders.

You CAN put full audio tracks = drums, bass, vocals, etc INTO Reason 5 and mix it there.

Yes....this file youll see in the video was done about 1 year ago on Reason 5. And yes....Im drastically aware of how much Reason 6 negates much of what this video will show as far as doing a "workaround" to mix full audio in Reason 5, so yes - I already know.

I hope this video stirs some imagination is why Im sharing it. Its a prime example of how Reason can be used in so, so many ways. Hope you like it
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