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Reason 6 Owner, Purchased Balance w/ Essentials. Do I get a 2nd Reason 6 Upgrade?

Ok, I have two questions regarding Balance/Essentials and the upgrade process:

I own a copy of Reason 6 (which is registered) and was interested in purchasing Balance as my audio interface. So, after much research, I did. It's on it's way. However, it comes with Reason Essentials, which I do not need. Since I already own Reason 6...

1) Do I need to still install Reason Essentials just to use/register the Balance interface? The sticker on the interface says install Reason Essentials first. Or am I good to go not installing anything and just plugging the interface with Reason 6 without having to register Essentials? (Meaning I could give away the full unused copy of Essentials to my brother for him to register)

Since I technically am a previous owner of Reason (owning a copy of Reason 6 before I ever purchased Balance/Essentials) and Propellerhead says, "Already own Reason? Balance comes with a free upgrade to Reason 6 for owners of previous versions."

2) Technically, shouldn't I get a free upgrade to a 2nd copy of Reason 6 after my purchase of Balance/Essentials? Or is it only for those that had simply the older versions of Reason? If not, I would find that a little silly especially since I paid full price for both products, knowing that Essentials was... essentially worthless.

My apologies for the long post. Hope my questions were clear and I appreciate those who take the time to answer.