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Balance audio dropouts/pops

Hi all, just received my Balance. I did this:

1. Downloaded/installed Reason 6.02
2. Downloaded/installed the updated driver for Windows 7
3. Plugged in Balance
4. Opened Reason, checked that Balance ASIO was selected

Now all audio, Reason or Windows/Spotify etc has dropouts and pops every 2 seconds or so. Just like in the old times when computer hw was barely enough for audio.

I've tried changing latency and sample rates but it does not help. Also, changed into a another USB port with no help.

Starting to believe the Balance is defective? I have a desktop pc with ASUStek M4A79T motherboard, it's a very powerful desktop.

I was using Novation X-station 49 as my main audio, no problems at all there.

I'd appreciate any help to resolve this.