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Mouse scroll wheel behavior

I wish the scroll wheel would work with whatever window you run your mouse over, instead of having to click on that panel.

Sometimes I don't want to switch between the sequencer and the rack, but I am clicked onto the sequencer and just want to quickly scroll the rack. The device browser adds another window I use... it would be easier to just scroll and then drag, then click-scroll-drag.

From what I remember, Reason 1 and maybe 2 behaved this way, then suddenly it changed to where you had to click on the window to be able to use the mouse's wheel.

I am on a Mac, not sure if it's different on a PC.
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YES! I have been thinking about posting this, in fact was just thinking about it a few minutes ago.

It's really impedimental to have to click on panes before scrolling.

Also, there is maybe a bug introduced since Reason 3.0.
In Reason 2.5 it worked a little differently. If you were in the sequencer, then dragged or clicked the scroll bar for the rack, the rack would have focus and so the mouse would scroll the rack. Since 3.0, clicking the rack's scroll bar does not give the rack focus, so you have to click again in the body of the rack (or actually find one of the areas with nothing happening in it) and only then can you scroll.

Also, the tool window does not accept mouse scrolls which is a big pain in the rear when trying to scroll to the instrument you want to add since it's toolbar scrollbar is so small it is even harder to grab.

Being able to hover above a pane and scroll it would be a very welcome workflow improvement.
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correction/clarification on tool scrolling

: Also, the tool window does not accept mouse scrolls

Hm, I see now that the tool window doesn't accept mouse scrolls after you scroll in it, you have to actually click on an instrument to get focus, which is extremely counterintuitive.

Example: rack has focus. You want to add a RPG8, but are at the top looking at Subtractor. To get to RPG8 by mouse scrolling, you have to click first on Subtractor or one of the top ones, and only then does the mouse wheel work to scroll to the bottom. Merely clicking on the scroll bar doesn't help you here since the scroll bars don't shift focus, which has got to be a mistake.

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