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Old 2008-04-27, 06:58
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Unified Field Theory show weak force is an oscillator

From Korg's web site lastest news:

Nova: A Theory of Everything? By Brian Green
Like an infinitely thin rubber band, each particle contains a vibrating, oscillating, dancing filament that physicists have named a string."

Guess what the filament is. It?s an oscillator

The weak force is the 1st fundamental force in nature and this is what is currently known to science about it.
?The weak interaction (often called the weak force or sometimes the weak nuclear force) is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature. In the Standard Model of particle physics, it is due to the exchange of the heavy W and Z bosons. Its most familiar effect is beta decay (of neutrons in atomic nuclei) and the associated radioactivity. The word "weak" derives from the fact that the field strength is some 1013 times less than that of the strong force. Still, it is stronger than gravity over short distances.?

Guess what the filament is again. It's the weak force oscillating on/off on/off on/off. It is a pendulum for a clock of time/matter called the Universe.

Now you know what the weak force is. Its an oscillator creating your oscillators;-)

John Hendry^^

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