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Old 2008-07-09, 22:48
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General Question About Electronic Music

I am just beginning to have a sincere interest in listening to the kind of music we make with Reason. Lately, I have stumbled across some great music by Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Bitter:Sweet, Portishead, Supreme Beings of Leisure to name a few. I am not sure where to go next in my quest for good mellow trance-like music. Are there any opinions on this type of music? To what are you guys listening these days? Thanks in advance.
Old 2008-07-09, 23:10
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Try Planet Mu
Old 2008-07-09, 23:58
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Younger Brother is really good. also check out Free zone seven it features a verioty of good electronic musicians all different bands.Zilla is pretty cool too. Tangerine Dream is the band that sucked me into this crazy world of electronic music when i was a little kid ,so if you haven't already check them out. they started in 1967 and still make new music today.

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matt2468 matt2468 is offline
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Take a listen to this guy below!!
ive just got his new album mind blowing stuff indeed
Old 2008-07-10, 01:01
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(Waffle.... Had to make up the character limit so that it would let me post)

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