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Three simple things

1. Implantation Recycle in DR.REX
2. See the waveform in NN-XT (i think this is not a big deal to program this)
3. Update for the Reason Effects.

I hope some of the Prop... guys read this and can make this possible )
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1. I can't entirely disagree...
2. I would also appreciate more visual help inside Reason. Seeing the waveforms in the NNXT would be a step in this direction.
3. Yeah, I wouldn't mind having CV inputs for just about any button that's on the front panel, even though you can already CV-control all of them using combinators. I'd love to have some CV OUTputs for the built in LFO's of the UN-16, CF-101 and PH-90.
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3. I forgot dry/wet controls on all effect devices and maybe a 'modulation freeze' on all effect devices featuring an LFO.
[By the way, there is a thread on updating Reasons effect devices that caught quite some attention. More CV ouputs are, if some of that stuff is to come, almost guaranteed...]
Old 2008-11-07, 07:05
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Agree with all 3, I wonder what Santa will bring............. next year


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