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Device selection = track selection

At present by selecting a track in the sequencer, the corresponding device in the rack is also selected.

I would like to see the opposite made possible i.e. selecting a device, also selects the corresponding track.

The result would be the following for example:

If I'm using an NN-XT device with a bass patch and I play notes on my MIDI keyboard controller, obviously the bass sounds are triggered. If I then click on another NN-XT device with a piano patch in the rack and the corresponding track is automatically selected, my MIDI keyboard controller will then trigger the piano sounds.
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I too would very much like to see this feature implemented as an option in the prefs, so you can choose between how it works now and this idea. Definitely have wanted this while working with larger racks.

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That's in fact possible already:

Open the Keyboard and Control Surfaces tab in the Preferences dialogue and set Master Keyboard input to 'Standard'.
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Thanks Slope but my Master Keyboard input is already set to 'Standard'.

I want to be able to change the sounds triggered when clicking on devices in the rack so that the sound is triggered from whatever device I click on. This currently does not happen for me.
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Yeah unfortunately, it's just how it is not something you're doing wrong.

Maybe in an incremental update, or version 5? Or... never? lol
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This seems like a potential messup with effects if it is not an option.

Create a synth. Create an effect. You might just want to tweak the effect with your mouse while still able to generate sound with your keyboard, with this kind of option you cannot at the same time play a note and tweak something around with your mouse (useful to do when playing live).
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