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Old 2009-03-31, 07:55
dominik18s dominik18s is offline
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Lightbulb Not saving as often as you should be? Have Reason "Save Every: ____ minutes" for you!

Ok, so I've got this problem where I'm saving my sessions ALLLLLL the time! It seems like I do it every other minute if not more so. A bit obsessive, perhaps, but in the back of my mind I'm always thinking that if my computer crashes or the dog unplugs the power cord I'll lose all the progress I've made since the last time I Saved, which if it happened would definitely be disappointing to say the least. Plus, trying to remember, figure out, or re-create the intricate tweaking that can take place within any number of the Reason devices during songwriting can be daunting if not impossible. I was saving like a madman earlier today and like many times before, I became conscious of this fact and started thinking about any repercussions there might be to such behavior, and I thought, well for one I'm wasting time, which is limited as I've come to understand it; two, I'm wearing out two perfectly good springs under the "ctrl" and "s" buttons, a shame really; and three, and equally important in my opinion, If I'm thinking about saving all the time then I'm not thinking about which hi-hat to use, how to make it sound better, or how to add more punch to the snare. Or in other words, I'm not being as creative as I could be, or at the very least not as fast or time efficient as I could be.

So what's the solution to this? Well, you can stop obsessing and save whenever you remember to do so and hope you don't lose your work due to unruly circumstances. You could discipline yourself to save at least 3 or 4 times per hour. You could also use a timer to remind yourself when to save. Or, you could have Reason do it for you! That's right, have Reason save on your behalf at predetermined time intervals, say every 15 minutes, or any other time interval of your choosing. It might look something like this..... somewhere in the "Preferences" panel have a "Save Options" section with the following field - "Save Every: ____ minutes" (fill in the blank with time interval of your choosing).

Even though I think regaining lost creativity in this scenario is important, in the end what will have people asking for this feature and/or appreciating it will not be the lack of creativity they experience as a result of obsessively (as in my case) saving all the time, but the convenience and peace of mind it brings with it.

Anyone else see the value of implementing such a feature? I know I do.

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Old 2009-03-31, 09:33
descathach's Avatar
descathach descathach is offline
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On the face it's a good idea, but one problem with that is that autosaving can glitch the audio. It works OK in a DAW, but tends to play hell in synthesizers. If it could be done safely I'd be for it, though.
Old 2009-04-01, 07:18
lowlifebware lowlifebware is offline
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If it was "Save As" with a Cubase esque file numbering system it could work, but as a straight save it would cause a lot of problems, like if you have a sound you like for one part and are considering how to evolve it, you would likely lose a lot of stuff that way. In fact I can imagine this happening to me and a lot of other people reasonably often........someone's gonna neck themself sooner or later.

Old 2009-04-01, 08:55
dominik18s dominik18s is offline
Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 11
A couple of things........ First, this feature would not be engaged until you saved your session manually first with a title of your choice. Only then would autosave engage, and that's only if you enabled it in the "Preferences" panel in the first place.

descathach, you are referring to hardware synthesizers, correct?

Yes, saving can cause glitching if you do it while your track is playing, especially if you have a "slooooooooow" computer, have programs running in the background, have too many instruments stacked for your computer to handle(i.e. "Computer to slow to play song" message), or are engaging in other resource hogging computer activities. But luckily when the glitch happens during a save it isn't permanent and doesn't become a part of the song, it's just annoying more than anything else.

Bottom line is this, if your computer for whatever reason was having trouble with glitches or short pauses during autosaving then you could simply disable it in the "Preferences" panel. But I do see your point. Let's say it autosaves on you while you're recording automation thereby creating a short pause and throws your knob tweaking completely off, then you'd have to start recording that automation sequence all over again, which would be cumbersome. But like I said, if your computer was too slow for this to work smoothly, then you would simply have to disable it or set it to happen less often.

Joke: You mother is so stupid, she thought Popeyes was an eye clinic.
Old 2009-04-01, 11:02
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descathach descathach is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
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Originally Posted by dominik18s View Post
Joke: You mother is so stupid, she thought Popeyes was an eye clinic.
And you needed to do this....why? I merely pointed out the possibitlity of glitching.... no need to get nasty....

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Old 2009-04-01, 14:22
phasys's Avatar
phasys phasys is offline
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I don't need the program to save it for me. I don't WANT it to save for me. It might actually overwrite something that I wanted to keep. If you don't have the discipline to save your work and lose half an hour and the sound you were working on, well poor you, that is your fault. Save it yourself. It's only one button combination (ctrl+S for the unenlightened).

I bet you would come here crying if you lost a sound by overwriting something with autosave.
Old 2009-04-19, 03:03
DonSosay DonSosay is offline
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Nah man, what happens when you record something and don't like it, then its automatically saved, and you can't change it.
Old 2009-04-19, 04:13
dominik18s dominik18s is offline
Join Date: Sep 2004
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Red face

My bad, I completely overlooked what you said in your earlier post lowlifebware, I read it, I just didn't get it. Should have asked you about it though.....

Btw, I corrected the previous post.......
Old 2009-04-19, 04:25
lowlifebware lowlifebware is offline
Join Date: Aug 2001
Posts: 4,216

No worries mate, I'm not always the easiest person to understand.

Old 2009-04-29, 09:57
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WeaponX323 WeaponX323 is offline
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When I was doing 3D modeling work a while back the app I was using would autosave every so often (it may have been based on number of actions since the last save) and create a file called "autosave.1," "autosave.2," etc. It only stored 4 or 5 of these files at a time and overwrote (is that even a word?) the earliest one once it reached the limit. It would never even touch your proper project file.

These files were stored in a temp folder, kinda like your browser's cache. The only time you really went to this folder was when something bad happened (e.g. computer crashes, dog pulls power cord, etc.) But when something bad did happen, you could count on your project still being salvaged in some fashion, often completely restored. What was even better, the app could detect when it wasn't closed properly the last session. Next time you opened it, it would automatically load the most recent autosave.

Can't tell you the number of times it saved my bacon.

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