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Day Break beat....

This my first time posting a thread and I would like you to check out a song I made and leave some feedback please. Hope you enjoy.

The song is on my public profile page.

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i like it, started off kinda spooky then got some power too it, nice
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Very cool sound. am surprised at your "only DrRex" approach. But I really like the sound.
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Thanks man. Do have any suggestions on other tools to use? I'm new with this reason program.
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Short answer. The long one is 404 pages long

Hey Nimrod,

I had a discussion yesterday with a friend about your track.... although it seemed obvious you were new to Reason, it seemed you have very good experience in music... My guess was former MPC user going straight for DrRex?

Here is an overview of my creative process, from a Reason point of view, hope it helps.

I usually us a ReDrum & either step sequencer or padkontrol for my beats, but that might not be your cup of tea. If my guess is right on you being an MPC user, you'll feel more at ease with DrRex for cut up loops. For samples NNXT's your friend, except when inside a combinator where NN19 allows more programming once you get to it.
There are a few combinators around that aim to emulate an MPC. Haven't tried them myself though.

Scream 4 in disto or Warp give presence to your kick.

Am all for Thor. I find readymade music loops are just .. not mine. Thor has great filters than can be made to yell a bit, used with analog or FM oscillators depending on your sound Thor is a very safe and easy to use synth. also very powerful once you get to know it. I'd recommend going for the Thor itself, no patches to learn it as fast as possible as it is (for me) the best sound generator in Reason.
Screams are good also to put more grain, I use most tape disto (which is really a grainy compressor) disto and overdrive.
Here again on the MPC assumption, you'd feel most at ease programming your pattern with pads. If not, any other way is fine. I use pads when I want rhythm, keyboards when I want slower melodies, matrix when I go for the TB like fast powpow sequences.

IF you are just starting on Reason, I'd limit myself to one synth only, i.e. Thor. The Malstrom is a bit tough ti understand at first, and subtractor will not be as rewarding on the sounds you'll make.
basically here I'd say the same as for basses.

Here what I'm saying concerns real world samples more than instrumental samples (which almost never use).
Either I need them in a rhythmic way and go for a ReDrum, usually using the lane giving more control on start/stop more than the ones giving control on tone and bending. (it is to be noticed that all the ReDrum lane do not offer the same controls).
for effects samples or long samples used as pads I just go to NNXT (NN19 if I need to tweak the sample real time, time-stretcher/grain sampler combi if I need that)

stay away from the smaller reverb & distortion, they suck.

Pad sounds:
I generally go for patches on these when they are needed.

: RV7000. you'll note several program, including a spring reverb in there, useful fo get that .. spring reverb sound. I also use a lot hall reverbs. Most of the time I will use them as send units on the mixer rather than in line. I keep inline for more extra present reverbs, usually in ambient works.

scream 4 all the way. I already talked a bit about it.

RV7000 has a nice delay, called echo, which can be tuned to be very clean or to be grainy, your call.

EQ: Mclass all the way. I noticed you really worked on that EQ on your track... so you know how to use it. I usually go for EQing all instruments that are too close, ending up with usually 1/2 - 2/3 of my instruments being EQed. The table equalisation is not really any good.

Compressor: Mclass here again. A bit on some synths when I play too musch with filters, resulting in drastic volume changes. usually a chained comp on the bass line to keep the kick audible. Except for the bass, I always try to work with EQ before compressors, being wary of over compressed sound artifacts.

M not going to say anything here as your track seemd nice, You'll probably manage there or ask more question later. As I EQ a lot my tracks before mixing, I usually have less EQing & effects after my mixer.

Exode's a good one, lots of different sounds in there. Budapest urban refill is a good starter for city sounds unless you have a pocket recorder.
Can't really say more, actually I like tuning my own synths patches and recording my samples..

A must have to feel at ease with the virtual interface. I have a ReMote Zero, and even though there is much to say about it, it remains a wonderful tool (the best?) for Reason. The way all controls are mapped and displayed on the controller really changes sound shaping in Reason.
Pads, Keyboards are also cool tools depending on your tastes.

Audio interface
Must have. don't stay with chipsets or creative equipment, it'll just munch up your sound.
Stay away from Presonus, totally unstable & big bass boost colored sound that will make Reason sound... maybe good on your computer, but lousy everywhere else.
depending on your budget, I'd recommend M-audio, TC electronics, Mackie.
however I guess you already have something as your track sounded nice.
Document 02 - Progressive electronic.

Bakka - Experimental / techno / rap crossovers project. Free albums on bandcamp.

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