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Reason to Record

Been checking out the record, Anyone know how to get a reason session into it. If I click on a reason session when in record, I get a souped up version of the reason session (mixer, bottom play/rec/tempo. area) and record up at same time How do I get the reason session into record so I have separate instruments on separate tracks? (guessing here, but would it be by using the reason interface channels out and then into record somehow as I do when I bring separate reason instruments into pro tools?

Also is there anyway to get a full display of the mixer at one time (without having to scroll up and down to see everything)?

And lastly, how do you folks like the record? Personally, so far I think it's ok... no biggy, but i do think it would improve work flow with reason once I get a handle on it. One interesting thing I've noticed, as I would write in reason (sounds good, no peaking on indicators) then get it into protools, still no peaking from reason instruments but I hear a faint distortion here and there. With record up, if I pull up a reason session (one that I had interface channels assigned to protools ,which got me into the record mixer, I noticed alot of peaking going on). So although records not really blowing me away, at this point, for the $150 it's worth it to me for the sake of metering.

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Ok, answer to questions in reverse for the sake of My sanity.

3. Lovin it
2. Not really, but you can't feasibly see everything on an SSL at the same time and you're better to do one thing at a time. A useful thing to note is that if you you want to synchronise 2 tasks like channel level and compression you can just double click on the the little coloured bar at the top of each section to fold it and make things easier.

1. Ok, go to and empty rack space and select "Create instrument" then go to your .rns files folder and select what you want to open. This should open it as if it was the Master bus output wiring directly to a channel in the SSL. From This point on it's really up to you how you want it, i.e if you want to put all the channels from the 14:2 on to the SSL just create empty mixer channels for the SSL and move the connection from one to the other. Bear in mind if you do this that you will need to take any send connections from the 14:2 and wire them in to the Master Section on the Left hand side in order to be able to use them. Transferring Inserts is the same as setting up combinators really so if you have combi inserts and want the controls to show on the SSL then the easiest thing to do is save the combi to a handy desktop folder that you prepared earlier, then Import the patch from the SSL or the rack window.

Hope all this makes sense
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Thank you Brain........ I'll work on it..........

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1. I've also been converting some old songs from Reason. I was just dragging patches and sequencer data over from the old reason song to a blank song all in record.

3. Just done my first full song in Record and OMG it's awesome. Workflow is amazing. Adding send effects used to be such a faff. Mixer makes everything sound great. My old reason songs remastered in Record sound so much richer. F5, F6, F7 to switch windows (and any combination of those keys at the same time too) is also a great work flow improvement.

I'm not into recording live instruments or voice but the other benefits in Record make the £100 worth while to me. I'm also planning to get serious with mastering. I know it won't be perfect but I think I'll be able to get at least some of that studio quality with the help of Record.

2. Get a bigger screen! Seriously though those magic F5,F6,F7 keys should help you out.

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